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Female Fighter Pilot: Myth or Reality?

Women as Fighter Pilots

As surprising as it may be, in the 21st century, some professions are still closed to women. The job of the fighter pilot is one of them. Women are definitely not worse pilots. They have been flying almost as long as men. It is still with difficulty that they are even admitted.

Piloting; a Female Profession or Not?

Theoretically, no! However, it must be acknowledged that the number of female pilots, even in civil aviation, is low. The number is increasing, but women are still rarely found in the position of pilot-in-command. As far as military aviation is concerned, things are even more complicated. Since these pilots are expected to take part in combat missions, it is challenging to admit women. Their intellectual abilities aren't questioned, but few generals are prepared to send women to war.

Women as Active Pilots: is it Possible?

The answer is definitely yes. It wouldn't be easy, but many women have shown that they are no worse than their colleagues. Elisabeth Boselli, the very first French female fighter pilot. Caroline Aigle, the first French female fighter pilot to be assigned to a combat unit. Fanny Chollet, the first female fighter pilot in the Swiss army. Virginie Guyot, the first French female fighter pilot to be integrated into a patrol as the second number of the formation. Madeleine Swegle, the first black female fighter pilot in the US Army. Martha McSally, first American fighter pilot ever. The list of these exceptional women is long. Being a fighter pilot for a woman today is no longer a dream, it is a reality.

Being a Fighter Pilot is Also a Female Profession Now

In the 21st century, women can do more than just dream, especially if they want to be fighter pilots. Women have succeeded in breaking down gender barriers. Even if a lot of professions are still male-dominated...